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S.S Castor



Project Duration
        7 weeks

       Team Size

      5 members



A prototype game made in collaboration with the Blekinge archive. The focus was to create an educational game based on the documented history of the Castor steamship.

The game lets you join in on the Castor's final expedition as you learn of life at sea during the 1930s.  

The player takes on the role of Nils, a young new recruit who is tasked with aiding the crew with simple tasks wherever needed. As you perform your duties, you are free to explore the S.S Castor and chat with its crew in order to learn more about them and the time period.

Although just a prototype, the game was well received by the client, who sought funding for its continued development. Unfortunately, the game ended up being left in its prototype stage.


  • Co-designed the game together with 4 other game designers.

  • Implementing and handling the yarn spinner dialogue tool into unity.​

  • Planned and implemented the event/story triggers.

  • Assisted with audio implementation.

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