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Hello there!

Names Sebastian and I'm a junior game designer living in Stockholm and most recently working at the studio Gro Play, where I have worked on several different projects ranging from more conventional games to educational platforms. Before that, I also studied game design for five collective years at both the Blekinge Institute of Technology and Future Games.


Through my recent work at the studio Gro Play, I currently see myself as a generalist, having worked on a wide variety of different design tasks. With that said, my main areas of interest are gameplay design, level design, and scripting, with aspirations of moving into a technical design role.


Although I'm a junior in creating games, my involvement with has been a lifelong one. From as early as I can remember I was playing games and I've heard rumors that I was born with a controller in hand. I play most anything I can get my hands on but I do have a love for old school JRPG's, survival horror games, and Fighting games (always down for a game of Tekken!).

I also like to promote games as a social activity, having worked many years in a local, non-profit organization aiming to show the social side of games. The stuff we did ranged from running an open gathering spot for people to come together and play every day, to organizing different events both large and small. 

Speaking of social activities, when it comes to winding down I often find myself with friends and co-workers and just dusting off some board games and having a laugh.











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