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The Game

Grow Planet is a game-based blended learning environment for grades 1-6, where students get immersed in a motivating context centered around sustainable development. Adventure onto various islands, exploring and helping its inhabitants by learning about their problems and possible solutions, and then applying this newfound knowledge in various educational minigames and activities. All of which is supervised by teachers through a learning management system (LMS) filled with lesson plans and real-life activities.

The Content Update

The content update featured an entirely new area with a narrative focusing on the importance of water, the natural water cycle, and how water is handled and reused in our societies. A new physics puzzle minigame was also added, with several objects centered around water, such as pipes and pumps.


I was the lead designer for the new area, working on it from concept to finished product and had a part in most of the various aspects of its development. This involved everything from:


Narrative Design

  • Writing the narrative and co-writing the dialogue.

Level Design

  • Designing and building the area and its story progression/gating.

Gameplay Design

  • Designing new gameplay components and minigame activities based around the theme of water. 

System Implementation, Content Creation and Scripting

  • Scripting and implementing the narrative and area logic using Yarn Spinner.

  • Designing, scripting and Implementing interactive elements (setpieces, minigame triggers, NPCs, transitions).

  • Scripting and implementing cutscenes and camera transitions using Unity Cinemachine.


Design Process Under construction