2D Puzzle Platformer





Mobile Devices

The Game

Where is the missing diamond? Who is the culprit? Who can solve this mystery? Only you can help!
Based on the popular Swedish children’s books, The JerryMaya Detective Agency is a brand new adventure game following the two young detectives solving crimes in the small town of Valleby.
Play as Jerry and Maya, explore Valleby and meet the eccentric residents who are in need of your help. Solve mysteries using your detective skills by puzzles and using teamwork to navigate tricky platforming levels. Find secrets, clues, evidence, suspects and more to figure out who is the culprit.


I joined this project to mainly take charge of its sound design and sound implementation but I also contributed to things such as level/puzzle design. In short, my contributions were as follows:

Sound Design

  • Take charge and organize the audio aspect of the project.

  • Design the spoken language of the project.

  • Record, edit and implement all character voices.

  • Manage and implement music for the project.

  • Design, edit and Implement all sound effects for the project.

  • Script most of the project's audio triggering.

Gameplay Design

  • Design assistance for gameplay features.

  • Design, create and implement levels and puzzles for the project.

Game Design

  • General game design assistance.

Design Process Under construction